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May 22nd, 2021
I'm still alive, and patiently waiting for the world to return to some sense of normality after Covid. Want a free download of a new track? Go to my Public Dropbox account, go into the folder called "Bolivia's Tracks & Remixes," and download a new tech-house track inside that folder called "Slow Burn." Or visit Soundcloud to stream it. Enjoy!

April 15th, 2020
Here's a new techno track called Berlin from DJ Bolivia and Urban Francis:

April 10th, 2020
If you're interested in photography, especially travel photography, I just released a photo book called "Icebergs and Albatrosses (But Mostly Penguins)." The book is available in print softcover, and also in several digital ebook formats. Visit for more information.

October 15th, 2019
Here's a link to my latest guest mix for the "Changing Faces" global radio show: Changing Faces #081. If you're a Twitter user, follow @ChangingFacesRS or @DDansinghfor more aural pleasure.

August 20th, 2019
Rumours are true. I'm flying east and playing the Mount Funky Music Festival in Nova Scotia this weekend. Set time: 3am Saturday night (Sunday morning).

September 15th, 2018
Here's the latest episode of my bi-monthly "Subterranean Homesick Grooves" radio show. It's an hour of non-stop mixed house, tech-house, and techno:

January 29th, 2018
Here's a new techno track from DJ Bolivia and Urban Francis, now available on Beatport:

December 14th, 2017
Click HERE for a link to the Hijack EP on Beatport.

March 30th, 2017
We have a new remix contest online, for a track called "Skyscraper." Here's the link, and a previous of the track on Soundcloud:

February 28th, 2017
If you're interested in learning to DJ, and you'd like to learn the basics of DJ'ing with computer software, Virtual DJ is a good place to start. I have a new tutorial series online about Virtual DJ at:

February 18th, 2017
I just wrote a blog post for producers who are interested in learning a great way to find royalty-free samples for music that you're producing. Here's the link:

January 10th, 2017
Here's a techno track that I've been working on this week with Urban Francis. You can read the BLOG POST, or listen/download from this SoundCloud link:

January 9th, 2017
Here's a video for Hijack:

July 31st
Here's a link to the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Mix of a track called "Courage" that Urban Francis and I just put together, available as a free download. We have additional remixes of this track available as free downloads at THIS LINK. Even more importantly, we've also put together a comprehensive video tutorial series on YouTube about the production of this track, and also included the full project files for the project in my DROPBOX page, which any producers may download and use for free. CLICK HERE for more information about this tutorial project.

June 30th, 2015
Here's a link to my latest guest mix on Proton Radio:

June 24th, 2015
Although this is completely unrelated to music, anyone who is studying for their Canadian private pilot's license might be interested in the notes on this page.

December 17th, 2014
As part of my "DJ'ing for Beginners" tutorial series, I recently demonstrated the steps in preparing for a live show at Reflections Cabaret in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you want to watch it, here's the video. If you ONLY want to watch the video of my full set that night, without the explanations about the setup, skip ahead and start watching at the 33 minute mark:

November 10th, 2014
Here's a recording of my show in Los Angeles this weekend, at a club called The Other Door:

October 12th, 2014
I just did a 2 hour guest mix on Proton Radio, presented by DJ Mag UK on the Sound Lab show. Click here for more information, and for a link to download the show.

If you're a Programming Director for any other major networks and would like to talk to DJ Bolivia about a guest mix, email The same applies to any stations globally (terrestrial or digital) that would like to carry my weekly tech-house radio show, Subterranean Homesick Grooves.

September 24th, 2014
I now have the sixth volume of the "This Is Our Dream House" deep house mix series online. Check it out:

September 3rd, 2003
Here's a pretty funny little web animation for any of the "techno" fans out there:

January 8th, 2003
This week's humourous site of the week is for every club DJ who ever got sick of requests for Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman." I think you'll like this version a lot better than the original!

April 25th, 2002
Visitors to this site should note that although we do feature a number of DJ demo mixes that are available for download from this site, we do NOT offer any copyrighted single tracks belonging to artists or recording companies unless they have provided prior consent to allow for redistribution of their tracks, nor do we condone the practice of music piracy. In fact, some of the DJ's featured on this site are the holders of copyrights to various pieces of music. Please respect the rights of artists and the music industry.

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 "Live at Reflections, 2014"
 Recorded on November 21st, 2014.
 88 minutes, tech-house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Los Angeles, 2014"
 Recorded on November 7th, 2014.
 108 minutes, tech-house/electro.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Tanzania, 2013"
 Recorded on November 30th, 2013.
 90 minutes, tech-house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Nairobi, 2013"
 Recorded on November 17th, 2013.
 62 minutes, tech-house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Beijing, 2012"
 Recorded on December 1st, 2012.
 69 minutes, psy-trance.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Las Vegas, 2011"
 Recorded on August 5th, 2011.
 92 minutes, progressive house/dance.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live at the Las Vegas Castles"
 Recorded on August 6th, 2011.
 242 minutes, deep house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Antarctica, 2010"
 Recorded on November 25th, 2010.
 66 minutes, progressive house/trance.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in the Drake Passage, 2010"
 Recorded on November 22nd, 2010.
 126 minutes, drum & bass.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live at the Ninja Party, Defcon 2010"
 Recorded on July 31st, 2010.
 102 minutes, progressive house/techno.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live at Photosynthesis, 2009"
 Recorded on August 7th, 2009.
 126 minutes, progressive house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Las Vegas, 2009 (DefCon 17)"
 Recorded on July 31st, 2009.
 78 minutes, progressive house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

 "Live in Tokyo, 2007 (Velours)"
 Recorded on February 21st, 2007.
 130 minutes, progressive house.
 Click on graphic for more info.

DJ Bolivia is Jonathan "Scooter" Clark, a musician, DJ and music producer who owns and operates a small recording studio in Atlantic Canada. DJ'ing is more of a hobby than a full-time occupation at the present, because he is also involved seasonally in Canada's reforestation industry.

Jonathan has completed a couple of Masters programs in Music Theory and Production from the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Click here to learn more about DJ Bolivia.

DJ Bolivia is not currently touring actively in 2017, due to a major work contract, studio commitments, and Berklee School of Music commitments. He will be playing a few international shows but there will not be any significant touring arrangements.

If you have questions, suggestions, or other requests, or want to inquire about prices/availability for booking DJ Bolivia for a potential show, contact: